Primarily, people who care, volunteer. Volunteering is twice blessed, it blesses the one who gives and the one who receives. Some are RN's, doctors, clergy, lawyers who provide special expertise, but in actuality, most volunteers are special people who just want to help their neighbors and serve in the community.


Thoughts from Patient Care Volunteers


"I have experienced the joy of bringing a bit of light and peace at a very painful and difficult time. I've learned more deeply the value of each person and of each moment in that person's life. I've come to see death and the whole process of dying as a true blessing by which one is able to let go of this life in order to embrace the next..."


"Each person that I've had the privilege of "being with" through their illness is different and special. I have learned and been given so much from these people and from the hospice group. They have helped me to grow and learn and I thank God every day for leading me in this direction."


"We all know that volunteering is rewarding and being a part of someone's journey to the next life is a special way to contribute and to serve others. Charity Hospice staff will offer you the knowledge, love, and understanding that allows you to do God's work. Staff support is available 24 hours a day. Please consider joining us, your help is always needed."





What do Hospice Volunteers Do?


Patient and family care // Bereavement follow up // Office, clerical // Fundraising // Community Volunteers // Clergy
Public Relations // Board of Trustees // 
Visit Hospice patients in the home, hospital, or nursing homes. // Make short visits to support the caregiver, provide respite, or just take a snack or cookies. // Provide bereavement support to the caregiver after a loss, through visits, mailing, phone calls, support groups, luncheons, and memorials. // Do clerical work in the office, make brochures, do mailings, assemble information and admission packets. // Make comfort blankets. // Assist with fundraising. // Speak at organizations, clubs or churches. // Reminiscing. // Offer any special talent - beautician, massage therapist, carpenter or loving concern, or community groups such as girl scouts who make blankets for our patients. 



To Become a Hospice Volunteer

The best way to become involved with volunteering is to call the Charity Hospice offices at 740-264-2280 and ask for information on the next volunteer training. Hospice began as a volunteer organization and that concept continues today. Medicare requires a 5% match of volunteer hours to clinical hours. The training for volunteers and staff is required by Medicare and the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization. It is necessary for Medicare reimbursement. Trainings may be completed at any time, and at your own pace. However, we are willing to do a special training for any special group of people who would be seeking to fulfill the role of a hospice volunteer.  At times, civic or religious organizations may want to have a special group training and we will be glad to work with any group with special needs. 


Volunteers are never give responsibilities that they are not prepared for or that make them uncomfortable. Volunteers accompany a nurse or a CNA during training to become familiar with hospice procedures. Clerical, fund raising, students or community volunteers do not require such an extensive training.


Please don't hesitate to call Diane Wasco, if you have any questions 740-264-2280 or email: ccich@charityhospice.org.


Call us today: 740-264-2280


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