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Thank You to all at Charity Hospice


A small act of kindness is like a small pebble thrown into a pond, its' 
ripples reach far shores - Let your heart be that pebble that sends 
ripples of compassion to distant shores. In reaching out to others - our losses, our pain, our loneliness turns into hope and we are renewed.
Take the risk of being involved, of being compassionate and loving.
It's all about love.


"Thank you so much for the experience.  You and your staff  are such a blessing to others in such a critical time.  What an inspiration!  Continue to do the Lord's work! "   God Speed,                                                                                                  -- Aja Daniels


"Charity Hospice is the finest organization I have ever been involved with.  You are to be commended for the quality, caring, and love that your staff shows all through the last grieving process.  My husband, Ron Sweat, was a private man who came to care for your staff so much that they could have visited daily.  Amy was his Nurse and I do not have enough adjectives to tell you the wonderful care and concern she displayed for all of us.  She had the most beautiful smile each time she came.  She is a most gifted nurse and human being.  She is a keeper.  Dana and Maryann were so very comforting and caring and we came to care for them along with the rest of your staff. Ron's last day of his transitioning was difficult and in came Kim, who had never met or cared for Ron.  I want you to know what a wonderful job she did, she is so gifted.  She worked hard that day, with care for all of us.  Her concern will never be forgotten by our family.  She was, and is, like Amy, gifted and excellent in this job.  Ron was a wonderful , caring human being who could keep everyone laughing with his wit and quick remarks.  He will always be loved by me, his son, and our families.  I thank God he gave us to each other and the great love we had for each other and our family.  I have enclosed a small token of our appreciation for all your wonderful organization did."                                                                                                                                                   -- Darlene Sweat


"Thank you so much for the beautiful lantern and floral arrangement in memory of Helen  You, and all of your wonderful nurses had a very special place in her heart.  We can't thank you enough for all the selfless and kind care you provided for Helen's body and soul.  You are truly very special people."  Love,                                                          -- Bill Reed and family

"To all at Charity Hospice,  Thank you all for being so nice and helpful to my daughter Darlene during her husband's illness and for being there for Ron's illness too.  You were very much appreciated.  You went beyond your calling and everyone involved in this whole process think you  were great.  Sincerely,                                                                                                     --Dolores Tulodzieski


"Our Mother Margaret Madama, died after more than a year in the care of Charity Hospice.  It is impossible to describe the love and energy they gave to our Mother.  It is hard to imagine the affection they had for her.  Every day, they went way beyond what they had to do.  They made the last month of her life as comfortable and pleasant as possible.  We would like to thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts.  Thanks to Sandy Eddy, RN and Michelle Whanger, Hospice Aide.  They were just incredible with her.  Thanks to Darlene McClearly, HA, Dana Campbell, Chaplain, Maryann Gaudio, MSW Nikkole Lindamood, RN; Sam Eddy Toole, and Kim Slivka, RN - they were all wonderful!  I hope we didn't leave out any names.  If we did, we apologize.  Again thank you for everything."                                                                                  -- Jeff Madama (Son) Steubenville


"We cannot adequately express how wonderful Charity's staff is.  They were so loving, caring, knowledgeable and respectful.  They were so easy to work with and always were eager to answer any questions.  What beautiful, genuine employees who truly cared for our Mom. Thank you . . .  Thank you!! "                                                                                                                            -- The Family of  Dorothy Spon


"I definitely loved Hospice services. Also have told others of the excellent service we received.  Thanks,"                                    

                                                                                                                          -- David Vandeborne & Family (Son of Barbara Vandeborne)


"Everyone has been great but especially Michelle.  She not only takes care of her needs, but takes the time to pamper her"

-- Marty Childers (Son of Clara Childers)


"You have a wonderful, caring staff.  All my questions have been answered.  They have been very helpful with medications and oxygen.  Had explained to me what to expect and had ALWAYS responded  rapidly on call.  Amy was her primary nurse and I can't say enough nice things about her.  Great staff!  Hope all of them keep doing what they do."   

--Jan Bertine (Daughter of Mary Gentile)


"I can't thank the staff of Charity Hospice enough for the help and service they provided.  I wish I could remember each and everybody's  name, but unfortunately I can't.  The names I recall (Nurses Sandy and Amy) were always helpful, pleasant, and very patient in dealing with my Mom's needs.  Their ability to clearly explain things and prepare me for the stages my Mom was going through helped me come to terms that I wasn't doing anything wrong in her care; but this was just the progression of things.  Knowing what to expect brought some comfort to me as the time went on.  Having access to the aides to help my Mom shower or bathe was very helpful.  Their visits allowed me time to get out to the grocery store, pharmacy, etc.  And my Mom just enjoyed their company and conversation.  I think she was happy to see faces other than mine.  Even though my Mom and I had a great relationship, a son taking care of his Mom can have some uncomfortable situations.  Having the aides available to help her shower, comb her hair and just generally get cleaned up made her feel better about herself.  I could always tell she was in a better mood after the aides made a visit.  Prior to the last couple of months of my Mom's life, I never even thought about using hospice care.  I'm so glad I made the choice to use Charity Hospice.  In hindsight, I can't imagine how I would've made it through the last weeks without the work of your organization.  Thank you for everything, 

    -- Kevin Yost (Son of Josephine Yost)  


"Charity Hospice took care of my fiancee'  Jerry Deffenbaugh.  I was very grateful for Charity Hospice because I felt more at ease knowing they were there or would be there when it was needed.  I am very grateful for all his good care.  It was a big help to me and they were all polite and gracious.  Charity Hospice is a very important and great organization.  Thank you all!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 -- Juanita Rea

"Such compassionate staff!  You guys are the best!!!!                                                           --Kathy DiGregory (Daughter of Thomas Ryan)


""My family & I want to thank all of you fine loving, caring folks at Charity Hospice; may you continue to do "Gods" work here on earth; may "His Light" ever be present in "Our Lives" "God" be with "You" & also with "Me". Love ya all."

- Anonymous


""You are all angels who came from heaven and made our life much easier. Thanks for all your support."

- Anonymous


"My Charity Hospice Family,

I want to thank you for being so kind to Tom. All staff at Charity are so kind, you all did a great job with us. Thank you. Tom is at peace . He sent me a warm feeling that made me know he made it home. God bless you all."

- Anonymous


"I want to thank you and your staff for helping me and my family through the process of my father's final hours here and his journey back to Heaven. Thank you for making sure he was given adequate medication to keep him comfortable & for answering my frantic calls. We are so glad you came to see us at the funeral home to offer your love & support. You & your staff are angels on earth. God bless you all."

- Anonymous



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