Depression and anxiety are common problems for both patients and caregivers. Terminal illness is stressful for patients and family members. 

Patients and their loved ones also have to cope with changes in relationships, roles, finances and lifestyle.

It is perfectly normal for patients and families to feel periods of frustration or anger. These feelings are not bad or wrong, they just happen. When these feelings happen, try to understand why it is that you are feeling angry or frustrated. Often times, it is about something over which we have no control.


Sometimes, the best medicine for feelings is no medicine at all. One of the most important gifts we can give to each other is support. Try being as open and honest as you possibly can and share your feelings with another person. Just expressing yourself can help you feel better. Let the friends and loved ones who offer to help know that they can always provide a listening ear.

Hospice Social Workers are trained in helping patients and loved ones cope with emotional problems. They can help by providing counseling or referring patients and families to other community services for assistance.

Never be afraid to express you feelings or concerns to your hospice staff; their mission is to support you physically, emotionally and spiritually!



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