2018 CEO Annual Report



     Hospice and End of life care are essential in our community as research tell us that we live in an area with a growing elderly population. In addition to home-based patients, more and more patients in nursing homes and assisted living facilities are now being served by hospice. Although hospices initially served primarily patients with cancer, they now serve patients with various diagnoses including neurological conditions as well as progressive cardiac and pulmonary diseases (Leading Age, 2019). In 2015, 54% of Medicare decedents were receiving hospice at the time of death.

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     The Mission Statement states: “Our mission is to provide the highest quality and compassionate end of life care to patients, families, and our community regarding hospice and palliative care.

The Vision Statement also states: “Our vision is to ensure that no terminally ill patient will face his or her ‘journey’ alone or in pain, because of the patient’s lack of resources to pay or the family’s inability to provide care.” 

Our vision is guided by the values of responsive care, teamwork, leadership, and stewardship.  The Board of Trustees, staff, and volunteers are committed to

  • providing quality, compassionate hospice care

  • educating the community about death and dying and hospice care

  • promoting openness, trust, competence, and innovation

  • acquiring and wisely managing resources

     Charity Hospice is celebrating its 13th anniversary functioning in our community as a non-profit hospice corporation in April of 2019. When Charity Hospice opened, we were one of two of the only hospices in our community.  There has been an increase in the number of hospices serving our covered counties of Jefferson, Harrison, and Columbiana over the years. The competition includes Valley Hospice which has been in our community since 1985, Amedysis Hospice, and Southern Care Hospice which started a branch in Wintersville in 2018. Southern Care Hospice has 14 branches across the United States.  Both Southern and Amedysis are for profit hospice organizations.  Even though there are a variety of hospices in our community, there is one factor that resounds in almost every satisfaction survey returned.  Former Family members faithfully compliment the staff of Charity Hospice as being “extremely compassionate or caring”, “dedicated to the mission”, and express feelings of knowing their staff caring for their loved one truly loves the “ministry” that they do.



     In 2018, Charity Hospice received 170 referrals with 115 admissions (67% of referrals were admitted). This included 63 females (54.78%) and 52 males (45.21%). The average daily census was 21. 28 patients, with an average length of stay of 60.91 days.  Nationally, in 2015 the average length of stay was 87.8 days. The top referring entities included personal contacts and Trinity Medical Center West, followed closely by Teramana Cancer Center. The 2018 referrals by referral type are listed below.


Community Agency                                              Undup. Admits: 2

Hospital                                                                Undup. Admits: 32

Other Home Health Resource                              Undup. Admits: 4

Personal Contact                                                 Undup. Admits: 31

Physician Practice                                               Undup. Admits: 36

Skilled Nursing Facility                                         Undup. Admits: 10

                                                                             Undup. Admits: 115



     The Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) developed a website to compare Hospices based on Quality Reporting Data and Family Satisfaction Surveys.  This website can be reached at https://www.medicare.gov/hospiceCompare.  Recent data from this site reveals that Charity Hospice is the leading Hospice in our community.  The data was collected between 4/1/2016 and 3/31/2018.                                                                                   

                                                                                        National Score        Charity Hospice Rating          

Communication with family                                                80%                                     86%               

Getting Timely Help                                                           78%                                     86%         

Treating Patients with Respect                                          91%                                     97%            

Emotional & Spiritual Support                                            90%                                     94%        

Help for Pain & Symptom Management                            75%                                     82%            

Training family to care for the patient                                75%                                     83%         

Rating of this Hospice                                                       81%                                     86% 

Willingness to recommend this Hospice                           85%                                     91%         


     Charity Hospice has a great presence in the community with our Bereavement Services. Our Bereavement Coordinator facilitates three different types of groups each month.  He facilitates both an afternoon support group held at Prime-Time Center in Steubenville, and an evening support group held at Crossroads Christian Church in Wintersville. He hosts a monthly luncheon at Murray’s in Wintersville where bereaved individuals can join one another for food and socialization. The support groups typically have at least 4 attendees, with most sessions averaging even more. These activities are not limited to our bereaved families but are open to anyone in the community who is facing the loss of a loved one.  

     In 2018, our volunteers were able to provide the 5% match required by Medicare. The work of our volunteers compliments the services of our clinical team as they assist in the office and provide support and companionship to patients and their family members. The Volunteer Coordinator ensures that they have the required training and knowledge to effectively carry out their roles.

     During the year we held our annual Memorial Lantern release in July held at Friendship Park and we estimate that over 100 people attended. We sold 288 lanterns, an increase of 31 lanterns over previous year’s event.  It seems that each event has a larger attendance than the last.  Charity Hospice will be looking at a different memorial celebration for 2019 as we recently found out that the lanterns are forbidden in Ohio.

     The organization once again had a lighted Poinsettia Remembrance Tree at the Fort Steuben Mall during the holiday season. Bereaved individuals can donate to Charity Hospice and a card is placed on a poinsettia indicating the name of the person being remembered. This annual fundraiser has become quite popular and the donations allow us to serve patients who do not have health insurance coverage for hospice services.

     Charity Hospice had its Medicare Recertification and Licensing Inspection visit a week before Christmas. The state surveyor was on the premises for four days. She conducted home visits with our Clinical Manager, Social Worker, and Chaplain.  She also reviewed several medical records, our job descriptions, and several other required documents. We are proud to announce that the exit interview revealed we had a Deficiency Free Survey. The surveyor also approved our newly developed Emergency Preparedness plan.  We were very pleased to have our report approved as this has been one of the deficiencies for which many hospices have been cited. 

·         Developed all new policies and procedures for the organization

·         Developed our Emergency Preparedness Plan as required by CMS

·         Developed our Compliance Program and Plan

·         Expanded our Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement Plan (QAPI)

·         Updated our Personnel Policy Manual

·         Updated and expanded our Orientation Program

·         Revised our Patient Handbook and Service Agreement

·         Expanded our in-house Staff Development offerings, including required trainings.

·         Conducted a Satisfaction Survey of Staff

·         Revised our Supervisory/Competency Evaluation Forms

·         Created new Performance Evaluation Forms

·         Enhanced salaries for various positions within the organization

·         Began updating contracts with contractors

Initiation of a Palliative Care Team 

      Charity Hospice is happy to be partnering with Trinity Health System to develop a Palliative Care Program in 2019. The Board of Trustees has committed funds for the program and the planning has begun.


          In looking at the financial statements of Charity Hospice, there were different factors that caused us to be over our budget in multiple areas.  Due to the raises given, to allow Charity Hospice to be more competitive with other health care providers, our budget for employee salaries was higher than expected.  We also hired one Administrative personnel in May of 2018, and in February promoted one of our staff RN’s to Clinical Manager.  We also expanded the hours of the Bereavement Coordinator to allow for his dual role of Spiritual Care Coordinator as well.   These necessary adjustments with employees’ wages have increased the Salary expenses, but in order to keep or hire new staff, they are adjustments that needed to be done.  We have also paid mileage reimbursement to our staff based on the IRS rate which is adjusted in January and July.               


                                                 BUDGET                                      ACTUAL                                 % OF BUDGET  

Contributions                           $7,500.00                                     $16,285.63                                     217.1%

Total Income                      $1,106,100.00                                  $1,331,118.31                                  131.0%                      Mileage Reimbursement     $   20,000.00                                   $    32,723.83                                   163.6%

Patient Expenses                $ 304,830.00                                   $ 308,358.10                                     101.2%

Salaries                               $ 400,000.00                                   $ 525,322.02                                     131.3%

Total Expenses                   $ 970,863.00                                   $1,107,920.89                                   114.1%

Net Income                         $   45,237.00                                   $   223,197.42                                    493.4%    




     Charity Hospice is grateful for every donation that has been received. Most donations are through memorial or general donations, and our Annual Poinsettia Remembrance Tree mailing.  The total donations received for this endeavor was $3,430.00. Charity Hospice would also like to acknowledge our major donors.  These include McBane Insurance Company, James McBane, and Kolmont Community Church.  We are most grateful to all who have contributed to the mission of Charity Hospice.  Total contributions were $16,285.63.

     A great deal of gratitude also must be expressed for our very supportive Board of Trustees.  The members include Dave Mosti (President); Donna Talbott, CFNP (Vice President); B.J. Nurczyk, CPA (Treasurer); Fr. Michael Gossett (Secretary); Mary Mihalyo, PharmD; Tom Ossio, CPA; Attorney Adam Scurti; Attorney Craig Allen; Joe Luckino; Dave Werkin, CPA; and Jerry Jo Gilham, PhD, LISW-S.  These wonderful professionals in our community have dedicated a great deal of their time and expertise to Charity Hospice and for that we are eternally grateful. 

     We also wish to thank the members of our extremely dedicated staff, who work tirelessly to provide the best possible compassionate care to our patients and families.  These include:  Nikkole Lindamood, RN – Clinical Manager; Sandy Eddy, RN, Amy Svokas, RN, Carrie Rice, RN, BSN; Tammy Moore, RN, BSN; Becki Fowler, Aide; Michelle Whanger, Aide; Ashley Jones, Aide; Kaitlyn Miller, Aide; Maryann Gaudio, MSW, LSW; Dana Campbell – Spiritual Care and Bereavement Coordinator; Dana Meadows, CFNP; and Lynn Miller, CFNP – Hospice Nurse Practitioners, Diane Wasco, Executive Assistant, Volunteer Coordinator, and Medical Records Clerk; Connie Robb – Accounts Payable; Barb Azzolini – Registered Dietician; and last but not least – our wonderful Medical Director Dr. Abdulla Kalla, who is available for our patients 24 hours a day.


     Charity Hospice would also like to express our sincere gratitude for all those in the community who have supported us since our beginning in April 2006.  There have been so many colleagues, religious groups, health institutions and care facilities that have been a huge part of our success.  

     Thank you to our beloved patients and families who have entrusted themselves to our care.  You have taught us so many things since we began, and we truly have been blessed to have been touched by your kind and wonderful spirit.   Please know that we hold you in our thoughts and prayers always.  


Respectfully submitted by:

Cathy M. Cich, RN, BSN

Founder & CEO






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